Drawing up a renovation budget: what to take into account?

It is often a recurring problem: renovation costs that turn out to be higher than expected and thus substantially increase the total price of a home. An affordable renovation project starts with a realistic renovation budget, where you know where you stand from the start. Which things should you absolutely not overlook? We list them for you one by one, so that you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Immediately take into account unforeseen costs in a renovation budget


A feasible renovation budget takes into account all kinds of possible scenarios, including the less positive ones. This means that you anticipate unforeseen costs in advance. Whoever starts from a worst-case scenario , prevents that he gets into trouble at the end of the ride. How do you proceed? Calculate the planned costs down to the last detail and on top of that provide the necessary margin! That way you immediately know which houses are feasible and which are not.

Tip: A realistic renovation budget leaves enough room for other expenses and fixed costs. Some financial freedom of movement is a must to live comfortably.

Spread your investments over time

Spread your investments over time

Which adjustments to your home are urgent? And which improvements can still wait a year? Always make a priority list and proceed pragmatically. In this way, you spread the financial impact of your renovation without compromising the realization of the works. By the way, did you know that today there is a whole range of premiums for renovations and energy-saving measures?

The right budget, the right loan

The right budget, the right loan

To get the most out of your renovation budget, a solid renovation loan is indispensable. Find out which amount you can finance yourself and for which sum you have to take out a loan. And, importantly: Compare as many credit insurers as possible. Because only those who make a thorough comparison will get the best loan.

Note: do not forget the balance insurance for a renovation loan. Although a debt balance insurance is not mandatory, it is only to your advantage to take one. In this way you safeguard your next of kin from an uncertain financial future, and there are still advantages. Knowing more? Please contact us for more information or a free quote!

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