Month: June 2019

Mutual funds; a start to a smashing year

The year 2012 is off to a great start for hundreds of mutual funds . In 2011, many managers identified highly undervalued companies and played their cards well. Funds that have already garnered gains In 2 months, the results are at least smashing. There are funds that have already garnered gains of more than 10%. […]

Loan from usurer immediately on hand Loans for everyone

Borrowing money from a usurer is usually not considered the best idea. The media often presents cases where a loan from a usurer leads to an unpleasant debt spiral that often results in execution. But there are situations in life where we need money immediately and not getting it immediately could lead to even greater […]

Drawing up a renovation budget: what to take into account?

It is often a recurring problem: renovation costs that turn out to be higher than expected and thus substantially increase the total price of a home. An affordable renovation project starts with a realistic renovation budget, where you know where you stand from the start. Which things should you absolutely not overlook? We list them […]

Banks with the Highest Interest

Among the most interest it is that banks are able to be nominated many banks in Turkey. In this article, we also recommend the banks to be listed below; Because all the banks we have listed can make your 20.000 TL more valuable even in a month with their very high interest rates. Banks continue […]